Drummer Township Cemetery,
Gibson City, Ford County, Illinois

Transcribed, Submitted & © by Gail Hahn Hutchcraft

W Surnames

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  Wade Albert Dec. ?, 1851
March 31, 1919  
  Wade Albert S. Aug. 28, 1812 Aug. 30, 1851 Father
Moved from Jordan Cemetery
  Wade Alberta C. (Barrow)   July 28, 1924 Wife of Samuel W. Wade
  Wade Benjamin F.
Dec. 24, 1837 March? 27, 1865
Lost At Sea in Shipwreck of the "Sultana" on Ohio River
Illinois Capt. Co. A 102 Ohio Vol. Inf.
Civil War
  Wade C. W.     Infant
  Wade Charles W. 1882    
  Wade Edith      
  Wade Edith Ruth July 14, 1877 ? ?, 1927  
  Wade Effie E. (Elliott) Feb. 9, 1869 ? 5, 1943 Mother
Wife of Albert Wade
  Wade Evelyn L.      
  Wade Mary 1865?    
  Wade Paul 1894    
  Wade Ruth   Feb. 9, 1897 Mother
Wife of Albert Wade
Aged 83y
  Wade Samuel W.
March 4, 1842
Feb. 24, 1889 Civil War
  Wade Virginia      
  Wade Willard E. 1865?    
  Waderman Henry      
  Waggoner Alta (Williams)   April 13, 1990  
  Waggoner Emma L. Sept. 17, 1876   Infant Dau. of J. B. & E. Waggoner
  Waggoner H. W.      
  Waggoner Harriett N. 1883   Wife of W. E. Waggoner
Dart Family Plot Waggoner Marie      
  Waggoner Mary C. 1845   Wife of Peter Waggoner
  Waggoner Peter H.
  Waggoner W. E. 1875    
  Wagner Elsie I.      
  Wagner H. Howard
    Spanish American War
  Wagner J.      
  Wagner John "Jack"
Nov. 16, 1895 Feb. 8, 1952 Illinois Cook 162 Depot Brigade
  Wagner Mary J.     Wife of Peter H. Wagner
  Wagner Peter 1837    
  Wagner Peter Henry, Rev.
Jan. 10, 1844 Dec. 12, 1903 Co. E 123 ILL Vol.
Civil War
  Wagner Raymond      
  Wagonseller Astrid      
  Wagonseller B. Frank   March 14, 1911  
  Wagonseller Frank E.      
  Wagonseller Lewis/Louis
  May 31, 1923 Cook US Army Co. C 53rd Inf.
  Wagonseller Monnie      
  Wahls James Lemoin
Dec. 31, 1925 Oct. 13, 1963 Illinois SM SGT US Air Force
See photo
  Wahls Julie Marie     Infant
  Wakefield Alvin O.   Sept. 21, 1936  
  Wakefield Anna C.     Wife of Alvin O. Wakefield
  Waldon ????     Mother
  Waldon Almie J.      
  Waldon Delia R.     Wife of Luke C. Waldon
  Waldon Hilda Josephina   Sept. 20, 1921  
  Waldon Jeremiah E.
  June 23, 1923 Corp. 2 33rd ILL Inf.
Civil War
  Waldon Luke C.      
  Waldon Nancy C. J. (Glasscock)     Wife of Jeremiah E. Waldon
  Waldon Nancy C.     Infant
  Waldon Tammy      
  Waldon William      
  Waldon William     Infant of Edward Waldon
  Wales ????      
  Walker ????      
  Walker Anthony B. May 20, 1??? Jan. 2, 1989  
  Walker Cathy      
  Walker Delores      
  Walker Emma "Jac" (Jacob)      
  Walker Evelyn Feb. 2, 1??? Jan. 2, 1990  
  Walker Floyde Eddie      
  Walker Floyde S. June 20, 1921 Dec. 22, 2008  
  Walker Frances (Gramer)      
  Walker Fredricka (Bailey) Kreitzer Fritzi   April 26, 1968
Married ? Kreitzer
Married ? Fritzi
Married Phillip Walker, Jr.
  Walker George D.      
  Walker Glenn W.      
  Walker Jennifer Lynn      
  Walker John Edison
  Jan. 5, 1959 US Navy
  Walker Lou Eva 1874    
  Walker Mathew      
  Walker Myrtle E.      
  Walker Nettie E.      
  Walker Phillip A., Sr.      
  Walker Scott J.      
  Walker Thurman Huston "Jack"   April 17, 1994  
  Walker Walter      
  Walker Willard Glenn      
  Walker William   Aug. 5, 1946  
  Wall Eva/Elva E. (Jordan)      
  Wallace ????      
  Wallace Annie M.   April 21, 1939 Wife of Davis Wallace
  Wallace David Benjamin   Dec. 21, 1950  
  Wallace Frances   Sept. 21, 1949  
  Wallace Lucinda Susan   Aug. 24, 1920  
  Walter Geraldine E. (Spellman)      
  Walter Harry Newman   Oct. 27, 1930  
  Walter Maude (Cullers)   April 17, 1951  
  Walters Anna Katherine (Schaeffer)   March 19, 1932 Wife of Chris Walters
  Walters Charles C.      
  Walters Charles F.   Jan. 6, 1960  
  Walters Charles Matthews, Jr.   Nov. 27, 2002  
  Walters Chris   May 27, 1914  
  Walters Dorothy Jane (Goodrich) Ropp Ulfers June 6, 1922 Feb. 25, 2010 Dau. of Clarence & Edyth (Downs) Goodrich
Wife of Edward Ropp
Wife of Richard Ulfers
Wife of Warren Walters
  Walters Frank   Dec. 12, 1901 Infant of Harry Walters
Aged 2y?
  Walters Homer J.   March 14, 1975  
  Walters Infant     Infant
  Walters Margie Flo (Matthews) June 18, 1898
Gibson City, ILL
Nov. 30, 1995 Dau. of Lucian L. Matthews
  Walters Mary E.   March 4, 1963  
  Walters Michael Gene   June 7, 1958 Son of Robert & Eileen (Wyant) Walters
  Walters Mildred E.   July 6, 1977  
  Walters Susan (Carnegie)   June 11, 1926 Wife of Homer Walters
  Walters Tabitha      
  Walters Willie E.   March 10, 1901  
  Walton Clarence V.      
  Walton George Edward   April 16, 1939  
  Walton Jasper   May 15, 1979  
  Walton Mary A.   Aug. 14, 1938  
  Walton Violet      
  Wantz Emma E   Sept. 5, 1938  
  Waples Minnie Belle   1878 Infant of ? & ? A. Waples
  Ward Clarissa B.     Infant
  Ward H. N.      
  Ward H. N., Mrs.      
  Ward Ralph N.     Infant
  Ward W.      
  Warder Joseph F.
  March 22, 1974 PVT US Army
  Warfield Albert G.      
  Warfield Deanna (Onken)     Wife of Albert G. Warfield
  Warfield Dorothy (Dueringer)      
  Warfield Frank   Feb. 6, 1998  
  Warfield Ralph A.   July 2, 1973  
  Warlow Charles Howard Aug. 9, 1885 Feb. 18, 1895 Infant Son of C. T. & B. Warlow
  Warman Beatrice Louise (Terrel)      
  Warman Herman C.      
  Warman Katheryn Ellen (Zimmerman) June 19, 1885 Jan. 11, 1947 Dau. of Harmon & Mary (Pfoff) Zimmerman
Wife of Wilbur Arthur Warman
  Warman Mary Etta     Dau. of Wilbur Arthur Warman
  Warman Wilbur Arthur July 23, 1883 Dec. 15, 1937 Father
Son of John T. & Zetta (Helmick) Warman
  Warrenburg Catharine     Wife of Charles Warrenburg
  Warrenburg Charles   April 26, 1897  
  Warrick Kenneth Carl   March 7, 1976  
  Warrick Mae E.   June 17, 1983  
  Warrick Sandra K.      
  Wash George A., Dr.   Sept. 21, 1935  
  Wash Margaret      
  Watson Davis
  Watt Arthur Dean   July 20, 1995 Son of Carl Perry Watt
  Watt Jeanne      
  Watts Anna Hattie     Mother
Wife of Charles Watts
  Watts C. Russell
1907   PVT US Army
Son of Charles Watts
  Watts Charles T. Sept. 4, 1876 ? 1, 1957 Father
  Watts Dorothy Donella E. (Hanson)    
Wife of Wilbur R. Watts
  Watts Henry "Cab"   Dec. 10, 1898 Aged 78y
  Watts Julia      
  Watts Theresa   1903 Infant of Charles Watts
  Watts William J.   July 13, 1915  
  Way George Fritz, Dr.   Aug. 13, 1944  
  Way Henry Newell
  April 28, 1900 LT 4th Inf.
Civil War
  Way May (Jordan) May 1, 1881 after April 19, 1930 2nd Wife of Virgil Way
  Way Sarah D. (Proctor)   March 20, 1904 Dau. of Willard Proctor
1st Wife of Virgil Way
  Way Virgil Gilman
  Oct. 15, 1924 Co. B. 33 ILL Inf.
  Weakman A. J.      
  Weakman Albert      
  Weakman Allminta     Wife of Lewis Weakman
  Weakman Ben   Aug. 13, 1946  
  Weakman Edith Frances      
  Weakman Esther L.     Wife of Ben Weakman
  Weakman Helen Jane   May 16, 1930 Daughter
  Weakman Lewis   June 19, 1899  
  Wearey Charles     Infant
  Weaver Annabelle (Wood)   Jan. 3, 1918 Wife of George O. Weaver
  Weaver Anthony "Tony", Jr.      
  Weaver Ardelle      
  Weaver Della      
  Weaver Douglas A.   Sept. 5, 1980  
  Weaver Eva (Bond)     Wife of Harley Weaver
  Weaver George O. May 5, 1857
April 12, 1933  
  Weaver Marcus      
  Weaver Raymond
  Dec. 12, 1956 Illinois SGT AO Co. 129 Inf. BSM
  Weaver Theresa Jo      
  Weaver/Wever Charles D. 1963    
  Webb Ernest      
  Webb Margaret Lee (Pinkelton)      
  Webber Infant     Infant Son of C. V. & E. Webber
  Wederman Henry      
  Wederman Herman   Aug. ?, 1879 Son of Henry & Margareta Wederman
Moved from Jordan Cemetery
  Wederman Margareta   Feb. 1, 1879 Wife of Henry Wederman
Aged 28y
  Weinigan P.     Infant
  Weiningen Wilma L. Feb. 1, 1922 Jan. 1, 1989  
  Welch Erma Lucille   May 23, 1979  
  Weller Marcie E. (Maxfield)      
  Welsh Mabel H.      
  Wenger Nancy Rebecca (Donovan)     Wife of Monroe Wenger
  Wescott Anna      
  Westfall Hannah   April 27, 1919  
  Whallon Charles W.
  July 5, 1960 CPL Machine Gun US Army
  Whallon Harriett (Blake)   Jan. 29, 1935  
  Whallon Joseph Irvin   Jan. 18, 1932  
  Whallon Marie Caroline     Wife of Charles W. Whallon
  Whallon Samuel Emmer   May 26, 1932  
  Wheeler Edith K.     Wife of Mont S. Wheeler
  Wheeler Jessie      
  Wheeler Mont S.      
  Whitaker H.     Infant
  Whitaker Randy   Dec. 29, 2002  
  White B.
    Co. C
Civil War
  White Harry H.      
  White James Houlden Aug. 28, 1858 ? 5, 1917  
  White James Melvin      
  White Jean B. 1872    
  White Melvin, Mrs.      
  White Rachel C. March 26, 1858   Wife of James C. White
  White Susan      
  White Willie   Feb. 18, 1878
Whooping Cough & Spinal Meningitis
Son of W. H. & M. J. White
Moved from Jordan Cemetery
  Whitehouse Charles R.   Nov. 29, 1984  
  Whitehouse Florence H.   Dec. ?, 1963  
  Whitehouse Wayne N.      
  Whitlow Emmett G.
  June 15, 1951 PVT US Army
  Whitmis Gertrude 1890   Grandmother
  Whitney Jane      
  Whitt Sadie A. April 18, 1891 Sept. 13, 1931  
  Whitten Marion G.      
  Whitten Rachel      
  Whitten Vandel (Gaston) Fraser Feb. 9, 1909 March 27, 2008 Dau. of Alfred Gaston
Wife of H. Fraser
Wife of ? Whitten
  Wicks Earl L.   1857 Infant Son of W. L. & L. Wicks
Moved from Jordan Cemetery
  Wicks Ruth (Powell)      
  Wilburn ????      
  Wilcox Harry      
  Wilcox Margaret   Dec. 13, 1897  
  Wiles Elmer A.     Father
  Wiles Mary E.     Mother
Wife of Elmer A. Wiles
  Wiles Rena E. (Knight)      
  Wiles William D.   Sept. 1, 1975  
  Wiley Diana May 11, 1840 Jan. 27, 1914 Wife of Frank Wiley
  Wiley Martha E.     Wife of D. Wiley
Aged 55y
  Wiley Thomas Royston, Dr.   June 30, 1896  
  Wiley William F.
    SGT Co. A 76 Reg. OH Vol.
Civil War
  Wilken ????     Grandma
  Wilken Amalia H.   1891 Infant
  Wilken Anna (Finis) May 20, 1870 May 25, 1961 2nd Wife of Gerhardt Wilken
  Wilken Annette J. "Nettie"   May 21, 1967 Dau. of Gerhardt Wilken
  Wilken Gerhard C Sept. 29, 1857 April 30, 1906  
  Wilken Helen (VanSchoyck) Oct. 5, 1892 ? 6, 1935 Wife of Henry K. Wilken
  Wilken Helene C. "Lena" (Zitting) Jan. 31, 1868 June 6, 1961 1st Wife of Gerhardt Wilken
  Wilken Henry W.
  Jan. 25, 1963 PVT US Army
  Wilken Herman May 16, 1822 June 29, 1909  
  Wilken Myrtle      
  Wilken Ralph Nov. 2, 1908 Nov. 4, 1908 Infant Son of H. W. & P. Wilken
  Wilken Wilhelm G. Jan. 29, 1854    
  Wilkening Marie Ann      
  Wilkison Edward Dallas, Dr.   Aug. 12, 1958  
  Wilkison Nellie   Oct. 9, 1946  
  Willemssen Albert A.
July 13, 1??? Jan. 2, 1973 PVT US Army
  Willemssen Alma Margaret Elizabeth "Marge" (Emberton) Sept. 10, 1928 Dec. 7, 2010 Wife of Orville L. Willemssen
  Willemssen Esther L.      
  Willemssen Orville R.      
  Williams ????      
  Williams Abraham "Abe"   March 1, 1919  
  Williams Allie      
  Williams Belle      
  Williams Beulah Mae     Infant of Luther Williams
  Williams Clifford
  Williams Edward Alvin   April 17, 1946  
  Williams Ethel Marie   Sept. 13, 1926  
  Williams Franklin Charles      
  Williams Franklin V.      
  Williams Gary Dean   Aug. 20, 1997  
  Williams George W.   March 13, 1948  
  Williams L.     Infant
  Williams Larry R.   Jan. 23, 1974  
  Williams Lloyd R.   Oct. 25, 1971  
  Williams Martha Jane   May 12, 1949  
  Williams Mary Etta (Day)      
  Williams Naomi K.   Feb. 22, 1985  
  Williams Richard E. "Gene"
  Feb. 26, 1987 Korea
  Williams Robert      
  Williams Ruth Ann (Riddle)      
  Williams Sarah   Oct. 14, 1916 Wife of Abraham Williams
  Williams Willard A.   March 1, 1950  
  Williams Woodrow Darold   Feb. 16, 1950  
  Willis Angeline      
  Willis Ann June 8, 1880   Wife of J. Smith
  Willis John W.      
  Wills Clara Fern   March 3, 1954  
  Wills Opal W. (Weaver) Beecher     Wife of Carl Beecher
Wife of Edgar Wills
  Wills Roy   Aug. 6, 1964  
  Wilson Agnes   Dec. 12, 1893  
  Wilson Alex     Infant of Alex Wilson
Aged 6m
  Wilson Alexander Frederick Dec. 9, 1856 Aug. 16, 1917  
  Wilson Alonzo E.      
  Wilson Ann Eliza (Hill   March 8, 1903 Wife of John Wilson
  Wilson Anna Marie (Mortensen) Aug. 25, 1864 Feb. 2, 1935 Wife of Alexander F. Wilson
  Wilson Beatrice      
  Wilson Charlotte (Clark)      
  Wilson Clarence Thomas      
  Wilson Dempster Jan. 3, 1??? Jan. 2, 1998  
  Wilson Devin Troy   Aug. 18, 1995  
  Wilson Estella Ellen   Sept. 7, 1966  
  Wilson Geraldine      
  Wilson Gertrude      
  Wilson Grace      
  Wilson Gustaf Robert May 27, 1884 April 10, 1885 Infant of Alexander F. & Anna Wilson
  Wilson Harry      
  Wilson Harry     Infant
  Wilson Hester (Cameron)      
  Wilson Infant     Infant
  Wilson Infant   Dec. 7, 1899 Infant Son of Addison Wilson
  Wilson James      
  Wilson John
  March 14, 1907 PVT US Army Ohio Inf.
Civil War Army
  Wilson John Clement   Feb. 22, 1919  
  Wilson John Graham      
  Wilson John Richard July 3, 1935 May 20, 1938  
  Wilson Josephine (Mooney)     Dau. of Martin C. & Ellen (Gillian) Mooney
Wife of ? Wilson
  Wilson Lester Roy      
  Wilson Lillie Carol     Infant
  Wilson Loren      
  Wilson Luther B.   Jan. 13, 1901 Aged 32y
  Wilson Lydia (Goodfellow)     Mother
Wife of William J. Wilson
Aged 60y
  Wilson Margaret (Jordan)   Jan. 24, 1908 Wife of Addison Wilson
  Wilson Martha     Wife of Thomas Wilson
  Wilson Martha Jane     Wife of John C. Wilson
  Wilson Mary Eliza     Infant
  Wilson Richard M.      
  Wilson Robert
  Aug. 5, 1900 106 ILL Vol.
Civil War
  Wilson Sarah J.   Nov. 21, 1944 Mother
Wife of William G. Wilson
  Wilson Thomas, Mrs.   Dec. 2, 1904  
  Wilson William      
  Wilson William G.   March 30, 1942 Father
  Wilson William J.      
  Winchester ????      
  Windle Charles   1937 Infant
  Windle Henry G., Jr.
  Aug. 16, 1947 US Army
  Windle Mary      
  Wissmiller Gertrude Mary (Speedie)   June 2, 1985  
  Wissmiller Louis William   Feb. 17, 1988  
  Wissmiller Louis     Infant
  Witt Elmer      
  Witt Elva      
  Witt Floyd E.
  May 11, 1983 SGT US Army
  Witt Fred   March 11, 1924 Father
  Witt Fred C.      
  Witt Hazel (Thorson)   Aug. 12, 1986  
  Witt Mitchell      
  Witt Ralph A. Jan. 27, 1921 July 1, 1995 Son of Fred C. & Sophi Witt
  Witt Sopha   Oct. 3, 1949  
  Wittmis Harry J.
  Jan. 18, 1945 US Army
  Wittnus Gertrude      
  Wolfe Bessie A.   Sept. 15, 1948 Mother
  Wolfe Ethel Blanche   March 30, 1919 Infant
  Wolfe Harry      
  Wolfe Margaret B.      
  Wolfe Maxine (Baird)   June 10, 1987  
  Wolfe Richard E.
  April 16, 1987 PFC US Army
  Wood Annie     Wife of Daniel Wood
  Wood Arthur E.   Feb. 8, 1926  
  Wood Clayton   1873 Infant Son of George & Sarah Wood
Moved from Jordan Cemetery
  Wood Dollie   ? 5, 1871 Infant Dau. of G. W. & L. Wood
Moved from Jodan Cemetery
  Wood Ella (Williams)     Wife of George W. Wood
  Wood Etta D.   Feb. 1, 1974  
  Wood Flora E.     Wife of E. A. Wood
  Wood George      
  Wood George D.
  Dec. 11, 1942 PVT Co. I NY Inf. US Army
Civil War
Aged 95y
  Wood Hudson   1876? Infant
  Wood Louisa (Dubois)     Wife of George W. Wood
  Wood Margaret A. E. "Maggie" (More)   May 15, 1885 Wife of C. M. Wood
See photo
  Wood Mary C.     Wife of George Wood
  Wood Mattie Jane      
  Wood Sara   March 2, 1907 Wife of G. Wood
  Wood Will   July 22, 1930  
  Woodburn Allender   July 1, 1937  
  Woodburn Alvin   March 1, 1899 Infant Son of Fenton Woodburm
Aged 2y
  Woodburn Fenton      
  Woodburn Frank      
  Woodburn Freda F.   Oct. 14, 1949 Wife of Fenton Woodburn
  Woodburn George Maxwell
May 20, 1841
Jan. 22, 1899 Civil War
  Woodburn Martha (Allender)     Wife of George Maxwell Woodburn
  Woodmansee Debbie Sue      
  Woodruff Caron H.   Feb. 23, 1899 Wife of Samuel H. Woodruff
  Woodruff Samuel H.
  March 20, 1918 2nd LT Indiana Infantry US Army
Civil War
  Woodward Andrew     Infant
  Woodward Bessie Marie (Stone)      
  Woodward Charles L.
Oct. 23, 1??? Jan. 2, 1976 US Army
  Woodward Don      
  Woodward Douglas Wayne Aug. 1, 1940 May 26, 2005  
  Woodward George L.   Feb. 20, 1937  
  Woodward George W.      
  Woodward James      
  Woodward Wilma      
  Woolever Lori Ann April 8, 1??? Jan. 2, 1997  
  Woolever Robert Dale      
  Woolley Ethel E. (Main)   Dec. 27, 1993  
  Woolley John A.      
  Woolley John Edward   April 12, 1936 Infant of John & Ethel (Main) Woolley
  Workman Susie V.   Dec. 12, 1951  
  Works Peter     Infant
  Worrell Dick LeRoy   June 19, 188? Aged 25y
  Worrell Harry      
  Worrell Milton D.   May 26, 1893 Aged 57y
  Worrell Milton Ray     Aged 18y
  Worth Shirley      
  Wright A.      
  Wright Ada Myrtle      
  Wright Bartley N.      
  Wright Bernice H.      
  Wright Bertha Mae (Moore) March 4, 1872 ? 4, 1917
Seattle, WA
Wife of Loyal Wright
  Wright Clarista Ann "Polly" (Preston)   March 24, 1917 Wife of Nelson N. Wright
  Wright Dora   Jan. 11, 1946  
  Wright Earl      
  Wright Earl Benton
Oct. 14, 1??? Jan. 2, 1980 TSGT US Army
  Wright Ellen   Sept. 18, 1917  
  Wright Everett T.      
  Wright Ferdie H.      
  Wright Florence      
  Wright Floyd     Infant
  Wright Henry      
  Wright Infant   June 3, 1903 Infant Twin Dau. of D. H. Wright
  Wright Infant   June 3, 1903 Infant Twin Dau. of D. H. Wright
  Wright James   Jan. 1, 1933  
  Wright John H.      
  Wright Leslie L.   Oct. 15, 1947  
  Wright Lila      
  Wright Loyal   April 27, 1931
Evanston, Cook Co., ILL
  Wright Lucy      
  Wright Margaret A.      
  Wright Mary   July 16, 1945  
  Wright Mary Elizabeth "Betty"   Feb. 21, 1940  
  Wright Melvin      
  Wright Minnie      
  Wright Molly May 8, 1??? Jan. 2, 1950  
  Wright Nelson Napolean
  Oct. 9, 1931 US Army Ohio Inf.
Civil War
  Wright Ruth E. (Young) June 28, 1??? Jan. 2, 1984  
  Wright Sanders L.   Sept. 13, 1949  
  Wright Wesley   March 12, 1949  
  Wyant Wesley C.
  May 14, 1924 PVT Indiana Inf.
Civil War
  Wyncop David      

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