Old Stone Church Cemetery,
New Geneva, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

If you know of someone buried in Old Stone Church Cemetery,
please email me.


  Unknown 1 ????
    Civil War
  ???? Meredith     Aged 5y
See photo
  ???? Virginia 1863 1881 See photo
  Baily Elias   who dep't this life
March 1, 1841
To the Memory of...
Aged 57y 5m 8d
  Brawley Charles
    PVT Co. B 8th Inf.
Civil War
  Bricker Rosa May 25, 1831 Nov. 5, 1870 Wife of Peter W. Bricker
See photo
  Butler ????
    Mexican War
  Campbell Elizabeth   June 3, 1862 Aged 71y 7m
See photo
  Cline Catharine Oct. 29, 1807 Oct. 6, 1865 Wife of William Cline
See photo
  Cline Frances Ellen   Dec. 7, 1865 Wife of Thomas H. Cline
Aged 26y 2m 8d
  Daugherty William
    War of 1812
  Davenport John   Feb. 12, 185? Aged ?????
  Davenport John   departed this life
Aug. 20, 1829
Aged 4w
  Davenport Sarah Dec. 9, 1762 July 24, 1874 Our Mother
He giveth His beloved sleep.
See photo
  Dean Wilson
    Mexican War
  Dentie William
    War of 1812
  Dunham Allen May 2, 1825 April 26, 1841 See photo
  Gordon James   Dec. ?, 1856? In memory of...
Son of Thomas & ? B. Gordon
Aged 10m 25d
  Gray James
    Co. C 85th PA Inf.
Civil War
  Hillary Asburn
    PVT Maryland Militia
Revolutionary War
  Hillery Rebecca Ann   Oct. 12, 1844 Dau. of L. & E. Hillery
Aged 37y
  Lott Anna Maria May 15, 1821 Feb. 25, 1855 See photo
  Mallory Sarah   Feb. 17, 1910 Aged 70y
See photo
  Mallory Willliam   Feb. 22, 1901 Aged 66y
See photo
  Martin Bailey T.   who departed this life
Oct. 15, 1834
In memory of...
Aged 13m 2d
  Martin Virginia   who departed this life
? ?, 1???
In memory of...
  Nicholson Albert G.
    Mexican War
  Nicholson James Nov. 4, 1799 Dec. 2, 1832  
  Nicholson James Jan. 20, 1852 Jan. 27, 1871 Son of Thomas Nicholson
  Nicholson James W.
    PVT Co. G 585th PA Inf.
Civil War
  Nicholson John ?.   Dec. 23, 1869? Son of H. & ?. T. Nicholson
Aged 1?y 5m 23?d
  Nicholson Mary July 31, 1820 Aug. 2, 1820  
  Nicholson Nancy May 22, 1776 Feb. 22, 1834 Consort of James W. Nicholson
  Nicholson Thomas
    Civil War
  Nicholson Thomas W.   April 7, 186? Aged 6?9?y
  Nicholson William F.
    Mexican War
  Williams Elizabeth   Sept. 12, 18?? Aged 2?9?y 2m 2?7?d
  Williams Sarah   Dec. 17, 1857 Sacred to the memory of...
Aged 55y 5m 27d
  Wood James
    Civil War

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