Snow Hill Cemetery,
Collin County, Texas

Located at the crossroads of CR 619 & CR 621 a few miles out of Blue Ridge, Texas

Cemetery Pic

Submitted & © by Carole Curry

Cemetery Pic

Submitted & © by Carole Curry

Cemetery Pic

Submitted & © by Carole Curry
Snowhill Cemetery And Church
April 20, 1999
The Following Families Have Been
Documented By Collin County Records
As Furnishing Land For The Cemetery
And Church
Alfred & P. T. Thompson 1885
N. B. & S. Campbell 1889
J. R. & Josie Campbell 1889
A. J. & Sarah Elizabteh Kemp 1900
Cemetery Association
Warren K. Kemp Pres.
Shirley Hendricks VP
Kathy Bean Sec.
Betty Vamvakas Treas.
Bascomb Kemp C O B
Bill Stroup
Clay Don Bourland
Mike Hurst
Clifford H. Kemp, Iona Tyler
Opal McCarley, K. W. Kemp

Cemetery Pic

Submitted & © by Carole Curry

Cemetery Pic

Submitted & © by Carole Curry

The Snow Hill Cemetery has a long a fascinating history. The story of the area and the people who lived here have very nearly been forgotten over the years.These early pioneers of Texas experienced many hardships. They not only Made it through those first difficult years on the frontier but persevered through a tragic Civil War and Re-construction period. The fruition of their hard work and determination making Texas what it is today. The men and women buried in the Snow Hill Cemetery gave many of us life. They also gave us an example of Courage,Character and a Heritage that must never be forgotten. No one knows for sure where the name Snow Hill came from. Some people say it got its pretty name because there was snow on the ground when the area was first surveyed. George Jeffcoat said in 1915,"When I first came to Snow Hill in 1867 there were few people here. Mostly men with two six-shooters on their belts, wearing spurs, and with lariats on their saddles. The one could cuss the loudest was the man. We had to haul in wagons to Jefferson which was one hundred and fifty miles away. There were no railroads within a hundred miles."(1)

This previously unoccupied portion of eastern Collin County was settled by the Alfred Thompson family down from Greene County, Missouri in 1850 and was first known as the Thompson Community until the 1890s.This family started a sawmill in 1855 and constructed a bridge on nearby Pilot Grove Creek. Other early settlers of the community before 1860 were Ebineezer Freeman, Rueben Wright, James Thompson, Henry Eakle, Elias Turner, H.A.Stephenson, John McDonald, Matthew Brake, Dennis B. Thomas and Robert McCarley.(2)

A school was established on the east side of the cemetery in 1872 when Dennis B. Thomas sold an acre to the Collin County School Board. This was called the Thompson School House until 1895 when the Thompson School District #73 was divided into the Snow Hill #73,Fayburg #142 and Water Ridge #141 districts.

In 1921 the old school was abandoned and a new one built a short distance to the west on the north west corner of present C.R.619 and C.R.621. Virgil Kemp deeded the land for the new Snow Hill School and it remained here until October 1948 when closed and the students attending either the Blue Ridge or Farmersville schools.(4)

The present Snow Hill Baptist Church was organized in 1893 and constructed in 1900 when land was purchased from Andrew Kemp. An earlier unknown church met in the old Thompson School House in 1881.(4)

The earliest known burial in the cemetery is that of Jane Freeman who died on March 28,1855. Then Henry Eakle September 2,1858 and Josiah Thompson 1858.Followed by Nancy Thompson in September 1863. Caroline Thompson October 7,1863 and Joseph Thompson October 10,1863. Many of the early tombstones were carved from a local quarry 3 miles to the south west near the present Lake Lavon and called,?worm Rock.? There are many unmarked graves in the older western section. The burials in the newer east section began in 1896. There are at least 10 Confederate soldiers buried in the cemetery. Also veterans from the Spanish American War and World Wars I and II.(5)

On September 8,1885,?for the consideration of the love and affection we have for our dying fellow man for burial purposes,? Alfred Thompson,J.R.and N.B.Campbell and Dennis B. Thomas deeded the land for the cemetery to the people of the Thompson Community,their heirs and assigns forever.(6)

The cemetery now contains over three hundred graves in an approximate 6 acre tract. The Snow Hill Cemetery Association has been in existence since 1909 and now maintains and operates the active cemetery as a service to the community.(7)

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Researched, Written & © by Mike Thompson
Submitted by Larry Paul

Submitted by P. Vance: Looking at the Snow Hill Cemetery Collin County Texas information site, there is at least one major statement that is as written, incorrect. I certainly appreciate your work in setting up the information and photos of the cemetery.
The incorrect statement that should be corrected is in a submission by a mike thompson and larry paul section.
It is stated that a one acre section of the cemetery was donated by the Campbell Family and also by a Dennis Thomas as written. This is incorrect and I am attaching a copy of the original deed as filed in the Collin County Courthouse that Dennis Thomas did not donate any land to the cemetery.
He was the previous owner of some land that he sold to the Campbell family. In respect to the Campbell family, this error should be corrected.

Deed of Campbell for Snow Hill Cemetery submitted by P. Vance

If you know of someone buried in Snow Hill Cemetery,
or would like to volunteer to photograph & transcribe Snow Hill Cemetery,
please email me.


West Section Carson C. W. April 19, 1837 Dec. 13, 1933 Gone But Not Forgotten
See photo
West Section Ellis G. W. 1849 1926 He Died As He Lives, A Christian.
See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Alvin Dec. 30, 1892 Sept. 29, 1984 See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Alvin, Jr. Jan. 1, 1918 Jan. 1, 1918 See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Ardis M. May 7, 1881 Sept. 7, 1881 Son of T. & C. R. Jeffcoat
See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Barbara Anne 1871 1951 See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Benjamin Webster 1869 1950? See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Bessie Feb. 2, 1901 Feb. 27, 1984 See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Dudley Nov. 28, 1821 Nov. 29, 1917 Woodmen Of The World Memorial
Our Father
Husband Of Isabelle Jeffcoat
See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Ella ? ?, 1801 May 3, 1885 ???
See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Fannie M. (Reeves) Oct. 19, 1897 May 15, 1970 See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Frank ? ?, 18?? ? ?, 186? See photo
West Section Jeffcoat George Oct. 16, 1834 March 17, 1918 At Rest
See photo
West Section Jeffcoat George B. Nov. 24, 1874 Aug. 29, 1889 Son of George & Sarah Jeffcoat
See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Oscar Dec. 26, 1898 Oct. 15, 1972 See photo
West Section Jeffcoat Sarah A. M. Aug. 20, 1837 Jan. 3, 1913 At Rest
Wife of George Jeffcoat
A precious one from us has gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled
God in His wisdome has ye called
See photo
East Section,
Martin Family Plot
Martin Elvie L. ? ?, 1899 ? ?, 1981  
East Section,
Martin Family Plot
Martin Willie Oscar May 11, 1899 July 18, 1960 Son of R. C. & Dessie P. (Petty) Martin
Grandson of James David "Jeff" & Susan Emma (Hargrove) Martin buried in Farmersville IOOF Cemetery
See bio
West Section Thompson Abe March 31, 1850 Aug. 15, 1876 Farewell
Son of Alfred & Julie Ann Thompson
See photo
West Section Thompson Alered April 29, 1815 Feb. 16, 1894 An honest Man is
thine blest nor ? of God
See photo
West Section Thompson Elijah 1880 1954 See photo
West Section Thompson George W. June 18, 1895 May 29, 1896 Son of S. B. & A. L. Thompson
See photo
West Section Thompson John Robert 1890 1954 Dad
See photo
West Section Thompson Joseph
Nov. 1, 1831 Oct. 1, 1863 PVT Alf Johnsons Texas Spy Co.
Civil War
See photo
West Section Thompson Josiah F.   Jan. 2?, 1858 In Memory of...
Aged 21y 9m 16d
See photo
West Section Thompson Katie Lee Aug. 2, 1906 Jan. 18, 1908 Dau. of J. T. & Roxie B. Thompson
Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven
See photo
West Section Thompson Ludie 1886 1957 See photo
West Section Thompson Margret Oct. 25, 1862 Jan. 12, 1917 Wife of J. B. Thompson
She died as she lived a christian.
See photo
West Section Thompson Nancy H. ? ?, 1??? ? ?, 1??? In memory of...
Consort of ? Thompson
See photo
West Section Thompson Nannie B. Feb. ?, 1874 Nov. 22, 1874 Dau. of P. T. & ? Thompson
See photo
West Section Thompson P. T., Mrs. Feb. 14, 1844 Jan. 3, 1911 See photo
West Section Thompson Roxie B. 1884 1957 See photo
West Section Thompson Toney J?. July 27, 1882 ? ?, 1882 Son of A. & T. P. Thompson
See photo

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